About Us

Meet the Brand 

Step into the world of Treadwest, where our vibe is all about breaking boundaries and celebrating self-expression. Founded by a squad of fierce women right here in the heart of LA, we're all about owning your uniqueness in a world that loves to box you in.

Treadwest isn't just a brand; it's a movement for those who rock their quirks like badges of honor. We're all about that "flawsome" life – where your individuality shines brighter than any runway. Our streetwear? It's a fusion of street-cool and sporty-chic, made with love and tailored to slay.

We breathe culture and authenticity, partnering with visionary designers who redefine the game. We're always pushing the envelope, inventing styles that set trends on fire, and picking fabrics that scream quality. Our pieces aren't just threads; they're an extension of your soul.

We get it – comfort and variety are king. Whether you're a queen, king, or anyone vibing in between, our gear's got your back. Each piece is handpicked to make you look and feel unstoppable.

So, welcome to Treadwest, where we celebrate what makes you different, where being YOU is the hottest trend. Step up, stand out, and own your lane. This is where the real style journey begins.